Monday, October 28, 2013

Old to New 9: Benedette, Ugly Duckling to Bird of Prey

{Theme song: Privelege, Incubus}

In honor of Olis's 2nd post, today we'll head back to Tierrine!

Benedette was one of the first characters I ever drew from Tierrine, a world ruled by the minority Elevated humans - a fancy way of saying those with wings.

A recessive genetic trait, it's possible for it to lie dormant through generations of unwinged only to then pop up like the rare winter rose.

Benedette is just such an instance - and though her family now celebrates their elevated social status, it's never been an easy life for Benedette.  As a child she was ungainly, hunchbacked and itchy - and so far removed from the elevated, no one understood why.  When it was finally realized she would grow wings, Benedette was taken from her Common home and thrust unprepared into the world of the Elevated.

Neither truly Common nor Elevated, Benedette lives between the two worlds, struggling to find her niche.  "Sponsored" by an Old and Noble Elevated family with a daughter just her age, it was believed she'd have an instant friend.  Instead she spends most of her life standing next to delicate, winged perfection, fearing the inevitable comparison that could only find her wanting.

My first drawing of Benedette shows her in what I imagined their school uniform would look like.  Upon updating the pic, I felt a skirt might not be the best option for people that fly... So instead I gave her some well fitted, aerodynamic capris, while keeping that flowing Roman/Grecian feel in her shirt..  I also gave the top a tie at the neck - my answer to the question of how do you get the clothes over the wings?  (Am I the only one that's wondered this?)

Benedette was updated using Copic Markers and touches of Prismacolored Pencils (the usual per earlier posts).  Her wings are those of a Hawk.  Despite the vulnerability due to circumstances of her birth, Benedette is meant to become a bird of prey, strengthened by the challenges of her youth rather than broken.

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