Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Old to New 3: Callina

And Continuing our World Tour...

       Welcome to Vyln!

Though I had not necessarily planned this to be a "world tour" of Aeodaen, seems to be turning out that way.  This is probably because I tend to work on different Kingdoms and Countries in spurts, so over time they all evolve quite distinctly.

Afterglow, Vyln 2
This one in particular is a curious study of Artistic Progression.  Both of my previous posts had been, as stated, a fairly straightforward update.  However, in some instances when an update is being done, I realize that the visual concept behind the person and their land's aesthetic may need rethought as well.

Vyln is just such an instance of this.  This started as a Kingdom whose capital is home to a family of Superheroes that spans many generations (I do love comic books).  So the first design was a fairly boring spandex type of look.  See First Picture.  However, I got to thinking that these people lived in a fantastical world, in a time period hundreds of years ago - so why should they be a stereotype of our world?

The first redesign of Vyln happened relatively soon after creation of the Kingdom, so Picture Two isn't much advanced in way of artistic technique (though she does now have ankles, some shading, and folds in her clothing), but the concept was hugely changed to a kind of Victorian/Edwardian England vibe with a bit of operatic, Venetian drama thrown in (this is mostly seen in the "superhero" characters, see pictures to the right and below).

Also we see more of the character's personality shining through in pictures 2-4.  The beauteous, favored child, Callina knows she's something, and it shows.  In Picture 2 Callina gains a more rounded cheek and higher forehead, giving her a younger appearance, as befits the protagonist's little sister, while Picture 4, I believe, takes another step forward to showcase her flirty, falsely saccharine manner.

Fireworks, Vyln 2
Digitally Remastered
Picture 3 occurs after I scanned in picture two and realized this is horrifically colored, so in an attempt to fix the character without redrawing her to be fit for computer viewing, it's been "digitally remastered".  i.e. I colored it in Paint to make it less splotchy.  Considering the amount of time this took using such a basic application, I probably should have just drawn her again, but then perhaps we wouldn't have the glory of Callina 4.0.

When I visited Vyln again I felt it was still a bit too boring and expected.  Hence I decided to build upon the Operatic elements, making it an incredibly Dramatic world, where everyone takes "all the world's a stage" very seriously and hence dresses the part.  I also realized that relatively few of my people did much in the way of cosmetics, yet this land would be perfect for full face mask make-ups.

In my mind this seems appropriate for a world where superheros have kept their identity for hundreds of years.  When everyone wears face paint, how do you pick out those hiding their true identity?

So here's hoping third times the charm for Vyln, and now their concept is set for good, especially as the story of these superheroes, called the Brilliants, is a trilogy.  Yes, I have plenty of work to do with this last revamp.

Of course, this before and after was just of an "ordinary folk", tune in tomorrow to see my update to a Hero of a whole other kind!

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