Thursday, October 24, 2013

Old to New 5: Kamira

And back home to Paonia :)

Sometimes updating a character means more than just one picture.  Kamira is the mother of my heroine Kamino, and as such her backstory and history play a large role in forming Kamino's character.  Hence I have her illustrated from girlhood, maybe four or five (above, in case you couldn't guess), to happy young adulthood (below left) and finally through to her marriage to a D-City nobleman (below right).

The concept stays almost exactly the same in the childhood and YA pics, just an improvement in technique and a few more details.  The third is the most changed, the pants and top having flipped colors and green was added in the corset and boots (from the moment I colored the boots blue in the first pic I regretted it - it can be so hard choosing colors, and sometimes you just make the wrong choice).  Still I think it also stays pretty true to the original.

Which brings me to another kind of "update".  This is when you represent the character in a whole other media and style.  It's not so much of a "redo" as a different presentation or perspective entirely.

Crayola colored pencils were used on all pictures above with touches of gel ink pen for the eyelashes (really makes them pop right?).  The style on these could be said to be influenced by manga or cartoons (i.e. simplified, not aiming for full realism).

For Kamira's portrait, however, I chose to use pastels and aimed for more of a photographic quality.

You may recognize the soulful gaze from my site header.  I've heard that if you have brown eyes that blue eyeliner will really make them stand out.  Seems to really hold true with blue skin too :)

Tune in tomorrow when Kamino's Grandpa gets the same treatment...

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