Saturday, October 26, 2013

Old to New 7: Kamino

Having seen the most recent "Hero Shot" when she was Character of the Week, here are Kamino's humble origins:

As a main character that goes back over decade, through Kamino we see Paonia in it's infancy.  Frankly, aside from her skin and hair color she was about as boring as oatmeal.  Hence her "update" is quite a change.

Done in Crayola colored pencils, before I'd yet given into that ever present Prismacolor temptation, I was quite please with how her redo turned out - especially the number of fabric textures I was able to convey.  Her hair also looks far less skunk like.

Contrasting natural highlights that reveal the age of the character, was an early concept for Paonia, and sounded great to my younger self.  Making those look good later on...not so easy, but I choose to stand behind that earlier aesthetic decision, and the slight punk artist feel it gives to both Kamino and her mother, I must admit I love.  Perhaps that's a bit telling where I'm concerned...
Again the second picture of Kamino is quite a departure from the original.  In this instance, though, the clothing maintains much of the original feel, while I chose to go with another hue entirely for her skin.

The story - as alluded to in How to Start Over Using Only Bugs and Berries, is that Kamino changes her skin tone to be less conspicuous while traveling through Paonia.  (Oceanians are isolationists by nature, so rarely intermarry with Paonians from other provinces, making Kamino unique in this regard.)

Originally I gave her the skin tone of the Southern Plains, but this really wasn't logical since her father is from the Northern Plains and she has his hair.  Additionally (though I've never tried it) I should think it'd be easier to make blue skin purple using some red bugs and flowers than it would to turn blue to white - at least without bleach!

Besides, I just like the colorful skin tones :)  Why write fantasy with ordinary looking people right???

And finally, Kamino's pastel portrait.  I was on a pastel kick for a while (clearly) so much of Kamino's family are privileged to have portraits.  Just don't expect too many more after this as I don't currently have my pastels with me *sigh*

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