Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Old to New 11: Emis, the Noble Commoner

{Theme song: Please Don't Find Me, Civil Twilight}

Another day in the dichotomous world of Tierrine...

Emis (said Ee-mis) is Benedette's distorted Noble reflection.  Whereas Benedette was a winged child born in a common family, Emis comes from an Elevated family, but was the only child in her generation to turn out Common - wingless.

Her family lived in denial for a long time, claiming their beloved daughter was just a late bloomer.  After they finally came to accept reality they continued to use their influence to ensure she received the best of everything and was that rare Commoner welcome in Elevated circles.

Even at an early age Emis recognized the futility of this, but tried to belong for the sake of her family.  When her childhood friend declared his love for her and intention to marry her, common or no, Emis realized she also had to stop pretending.  She could never marry her winged love.  What kind of life could they have when he was destined to live in the clouds while her feet were stuck firmly, pragmatically on the ground.  It would condemn him to the same limbo she occupied.

Emis left home that night, firmly but lovingly cutting ties with her well-meaning Elevated family and friends.  She needed to learn to be Common if she ever wanted to find her place in their world.  It's never easy to start over from scratch, but Emis has so far managed to resist giving into the temptation of self-pity or bitterness.

Another straightforward update - just a bit of extra embellishment.  Redone in Copic Markers.

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