Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Old to New 10: Teera, the Perfect Bird

{Theme Music: Northern Downpour, Panic! at the Disco}

Teera, only daughter in a family that's been Elevated for centuries, you can see her noble heritage in the sky-like hue of her skin and golden sheen of her hair.  She's clearly a world above the common born, most of whom are as distinguished by their boring brown and cream skin tones as by their lack of wings.

Not only is Teera a lovely bird from a good family, she is also smart and adept at pretty much everything she puts her hand to.  You'd hate her if she wasn't also just so darned nice.  Coming from such an old family, and near perfect in her own right, Teera has nothing to prove, so feels no need for the petty elitism or bullying favored by those middle class elevated.  In fact, she's only too happy to put in more Community Service hours than required of the Elevated.

Other Elevated girls don't particularly like standing next to Teera, since they know they can't compete, but many are willing to risk friendship with her for one huge perk: being in the same room as Teera's gorgeous older brother.  He's as handsome as his sister is beautiful, has a considerate, gentlemanly manner and ridiculously good career prospects.  In other words he's the Ultimate Catch.  Now if only he'd show a speck of interest in any one of Teera's flock of friends...

My first drawing of Teera I'd been playing with a more Anime influenced aesthetic, as evidenced by her eyes :)  Ultimately I feel my current aesthetic is about equally influenced by both Western Comic Books and Eastern Manga, but in Teera's rework I tried to keep a bit more of that Anime flavor.

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