Sunday, October 27, 2013

Old to New 8: Cringe, Post-Modern Major General

{Theme Music: Breaking the Habit, Linkin Park}

After posting Kamino's Origins yesterday, it seemed only fair that I now post her Muchovan nemesis Cringe.  Our first full look at the villain of the piece.

Haling from a place unknown to the common Muchovan people, Cringe has some Egyptian influence to his look - perhaps most apparent in his updated make up - as well as some Asian and military touches.  (I don't like limiting my inspiration to only one source as I feel this gives the people less range in appearance.)

My first go was, again, a bit dull and expected, so for his update Cringe got quite the makeover.  He's still recognizable, I believe, but I've added in a bit more style and color - and a whole lot of attitude.

Cringe is a sardonic, offensive punk and this needs to be apparent from the first glance.  I try to convey this using his makeup, hair and facial expressions.  Yeah, he's standing at attention like a "proper" military commander, but just barely and his chest piece seems to be the jerk's only nod to his position.  He's certainly not wearing his ceremonial epaulets as most others would.

I chose to eliminate most of the black from the original picture because I feel the villain wearing black is just a bit cliche.  Of course, anymore the hero wears black also because he needs to be "cool" and with the villain wearing black to denote his villainous heart where exactly does color come into the picture?  The damsel in distress?  (And *ugh* talk about another cliche I could do without!)

I unabashedly love color and feel it's more expressive than black (which, in fact, is Not a color, but by definition is the Absence of color).  Hence, you will find that most of my pictures are quite colorful.  Just in case you were wondering why :)

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