Friday, November 15, 2013

Old to New 16: Camillia, Knight - err- Damsel in Shining Armor

{Theme Song 1: Monday Morning, Death Cab for Cutie}

Location: D-City, Paonia

Her Story

Camillia is a complete unknown to the people of D-City.  An orphan of mysterious origins, she first gained public attention on the day of Muchovan's siege.  Appearing suddenly, with seemingly perfect timing, Camillia rescued Domerson Cadron, son of Paonia's Boofon Ruler.

She became his heroic Cinderella when she disappeared without a word immediately thereafter.  However, he never forgot her, and, just as in the fairy tale, he searched for her.

It would seem Camillia was fated to be the Domerson's guardian angel when nearly a year later their paths crossed again.  He'd been riding his usual mount outside the city limits, but had lost control.  Camillia, just leaving D-City herself, managed to catch and calm the horse, but lost her sanguine disposition when she recognized the rider.

This time the Domerson had been injured, dislocating his shoulder in the effort to remain on the beast.  When Camillia showed intentions of disappearing again, he shamelessly played up this injury - he wouldn't let his rescuer escape again.  Instead, Cadron insisted that he couldn't make it back to the palace without her help, wobbled dangerously, clutching his shoulder most pitifully.

Once his good arm was looped around her shoulders, it became clear he wouldn't be letting go of the lovely Camillia until he was good and ready.

{Theme Song 2: In The End, Snow Patrol}

Camillia tried not to be charmed, but it was a losing battle.

First Domerson Cadron, then his father and little brother wouldn't hear of her leaving, not after she'd saved Cadron's life twice.  Thus Camillia was thrust into the limelight and D-City Court Life.  And it didn't seem escape was likely.

She was a conundrum to the Domerson.  Few people not born to it handled Court Life well, yet most desired to join the noble Glassern of Paonia above all else.

Camillia, on the other hand, had an easy, natural way with people, handling all the attention and politics of the nobility with grace and charm, but seemed to want none of it.  She spoke constantly of hern need to leave, and the Domerson had to become ever more inventive in order to keep her around - not that he thought the quick witted beauty was fooled for an instant.

Eventually Camillia was won over, her protests becoming fewer and fewer.  When General Diamond was receiving his promotion, Kamino planning her return to D-City, and Cringe terrorizing the surrounding areas, Camillia was planning her wedding - or more accurately, having her wedding planned.

The Art

Camillia, another long standing character, has now been through three transformations (four including the pastel portrait), though her look is consistent.

In updating her the first time I chose to give her a little more color to wear, feeling I'd taken the desert gold and white idea a bit far in the original drawing.  Otherwise, aside from the snakeskin boots and skill upgrade the idea remained pretty much the same.

Just off the presses, in her newest incarnation I chose to keep her snakeskin boots, though it's (hopefully) communicated a bit better.  Having just arriving in D-City, I felt Camillia's dress would naturally speak more to her Desert background rather than the style of the Capital.  Moving forward with this, though still steering clear of the colors found in the original concept, her dress draws inspiration from a flower cactus and I tried to imbue it with the light, airy feel one would desire in a hot climate.

That it also has something of the feel of a Fairy Tale Princess is a nice Bonus.  Additionally, following the lead of the pastel portrait, I translated her "golden skin" description literally.  Perhaps it's simply parental pride, but I think it gives her a glow.

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