Saturday, November 2, 2013

Old to New 14: Decrestore Kaleya, Most Powerful Chikil in Paonia - but we just call her Mom

 Location:  D-City, Paonia

Although there is no guaranteed successorship in Paonia, Kaleya was from the royal Chikil line, and groomed from childhood to be a leader.  Instinctively good at reading people and situations, and having a persuasive way with words, Kaleya was an obvious choice, but several other relatives could make similar claims - and had more life experience when it came time to appoint a new Decrestore.

Kaleya's sincere love for all the people of Paonia and driving ambition to better their lives won her the vote of Boofon provinces.  Normally this would make the logical Chikil wary, but the manner in which Kaleya pursued her final goal - through in-depth study and logical, fully considered plans - persuaded her own people to stand behind her as well.

No one was ever disappointed in that decision.

Kaleya acted as Decrestore for over 50 years and her humility, approachability, and the personal interest in each and every individual she encountered won the hearts of all.  It was said she knew every person in D-City by name - and a good many outside - so it wasn't surprising that after a time those in the capital began referring to her affectionately as "Mother".

It speaks eloquently to Kaleya's character that she never balked at the use of this appellation, even by those older than her.

Sadly, the Mother Decrestore, along with the High Warress, died when Caliphus the Jaguar and his Muchovan army stormed D-City.  Muchovan was ultimately repelled, and the Jaguar fell to the hands of a young Pao soldier, but Paonia is still reeling two years later.

Definitely at the anger stage of the grieving process, Paos seek vengeance on the traitor that gave the Muchovans entrance...

Here is another straight forward update - though it's about due again.  Crayola colored pencils were used on all pics, except below, which is pastel.  In the top left corner you see part of the D-City Royal Emblem (the only part done in Prismacolor colored pencils), as befits one of Kaleya's status.

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