Friday, November 1, 2013

Old to New 13: Naleysa, Sad Past, Stiff Spine

{Theme song: Break Myself, Something Corporate}

Location:  Muchovan

Today's Character was born centuries after Muchovan's world-conquering days, but society is slow to change, and it's still very much male dominated (sound familiar?).

Naleysa was an avid learner from childhood, so it was only natural she'd pursue teaching as a Career.  She'd been ecstatic to become the first female educator at an Elite Academy for boys.

This joy ended after she was let go following an incident in which she was the victim.  The culprits, three boys from powerful families, went unpunished, while Naleysa struggled to pick up the pieces of her life.

A fellow faculty member, Evron Tallurse (another candidate for future update), sought justice for her, eventually joining the UCD in order to gain the necessary pull.  His victory helped Naleysa to overcome her past, but it was his death that gave her the strength to join the UCD and champion other victims.

When I first drew Naleysa, I didn't have a clear vision of the Muchovan aesthetic, and it shows.  I've managed to keep something of the original "feel" (along with her jewelry and shoes), but she now conveys the modern-medieval look I settled on for Muchovan.  (Definitely no subtext there!)

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