Sunday, September 1, 2013

APA Kamino 1.1 : Moonlight and Mushiness...Maybe

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Location: Mist, Mahsheean

Mishee shook his head at Kamino’s introverted ways.  His straight white hair caught the soft light from the brazier as he leaned forward, glowing like the moon against the midnight blue sky of his skin as his wide, indigo lips curved into a rueful smile.  His black almond eyes were just a touch troubled.

  Mishee’s mother ran the house and his father cared for the horses – the Mahsheean were known for their skilled horsemen.  Both families had served this house for generations.  However, despite the difference in station and common prejudice, they’d taken Kamino in like a little lost duckling.  This of course made Mishee completely off limits to her, but she did admire the graceful way his long, finely boned fingers held the book.

“This party is for you, lady.”

“This party was for your mother.”

“It’s expected to entertain your neighbors and others of your station.  Ma Ma wishes you to feel at home in Mahsheean.  Is that not best?” He gave her a surprisingly stern look.

Kamino in general received two types of reactions in Mahsheean.  The first type were intimidated by her reputation and a little wary of her foreign looks.  These typically stuck to polite greetings then gave her a wide berth thereafter.  The second group was fascinated by these same traits – particularly the fair aqua of her skin.  Men – after they realized she was not a child, despite her size – usually fell into the second group.

But not Mishee.  Instead he treated her much like she thought an older brother would.  She found it both charming and infuriating.

“I would rather feel at home in my home,” Kamino replied, meeting his stern look with raised brow.  He only shook his head again.

“Be that as it may, good has come of it.  I overheard news of your home, the Walled Kingdom.”  This brought Kamino to attention.  “The Muchovan army is again on the move, and heading that direction.”

“But they lost their leader.”

“It’s said they’ve found a new general, rumored to be more brilliant than Caliphus the Jaguar.”  He paused, considering Kamino.  She looked through him, frowning, lost in thought.  Lost in the past.
“You’ll go.”  That brought her focus back to him.  “Maybe after you deal with this, you’ll return, ready to truly settle here…and then, maybe, we could, you know, talk…”  Mishee handed the ancient text back to her, his hand grazing hers ever so lightly.

Kamino was caught entirely off guard and was momentarily frozen, eyes wide, mouth half open.  Mishee rose from where he sat on the divan, stepping towards the door, giving her a moment to regather her normal aplomb.

“But for now we should head back to the party.”  He turned to offer Kamino a hand up from where she sat on the floor.
Where she had sat.  “Lady?”

The breeze carried Mishee’s voice to Kamino as she slipped silently away.  Seemed now was the perfect time to head home – before Mishee smothered her to death.  Kamino couldn't handle clingy people.

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