Saturday, August 31, 2013

APA Kamino 1.0 : Devil's in the Details - and Cute Shoes

{Kamino Profile}

Location: Mist, Mahsheean

With one last nod and vague smile Kamino glided gracefully from a room filled with delicate music and polite laughter, heading in the opposite direction of her ultimate target.

                Once entirely out of sight she slipped off her elaborately carved, ridiculously high platform shoes.  Why other races were so obsessed with being taller Kamino would never know, but everyone Clomp, Clomped in platforms, it didn’t matter what your training was.  Fortunately the outfit had voluminous sleeves that fully enveloped the shoes, and enough length to hide her bare feet – if she encountered someone she’d be able to play it off.

                Kamino turned toward her true direction, pleased with her subterfuge –and tripped on the now too long skirt, falling flat on her face, each shoe landing with a hollow Thunk several feet away in opposite directions.  Kamino looked around to see if anyone had heard, but it seemed her ignominious face-plant had gone unattended.  Next she groaned, rubbing her forehead.  Some super-sneak she was.

                Pulling herself up, cautiously attentive to any noise of discovery, she retrieved her shoes with one hand while holding up the hem of her robe with the other.  Idiot,” she muttered to herself.  It was always the smallest details that could bring down a perfect plan.

                Still, her good fortune held and no one came rushing in to investigate the noise.  She wouldn’t let this small favor go to waste – she started working her way through the maze-like labyrinth of the house toward her goal, carefully avoiding the wandering guests and ducking under a table when a servant passed.  The mouth-watering spicy-sweet aroma he left in his wake tempted Kamino to risk grabbing a morsel, but she bravely resisted the temptation.

                Finally, with no further incident, she reached the cavernous room lined with books and scrolls, entirely dark except for one small brazier in the corner.  There was no reason for the innumerable lanterns and candles to be lit – this room was off limits to party guests.

Kamino didn’t need any additional light, she knew just where the volume she wanted was.  An ancient text written in the old tongue, she’d discovered this little gem yesterday, but the party had kept her from it until now.  Setting her shoes on the floor in front of the brazier, concealed by the divan, she went to fetch the slim book, then returned to settle on the floor beside her platforms.  Pulling a notebook and pencil from her sleeves, she was ready to delve in and discover all the secrets the ancient volume held.

Only to have the book yanked from her hands.  Above her, as yet unnoticed, reclining on the divan was Mishee.  He shook his head at her.  She’d been so carefully listening for noises of someone entering the library, she’d failed to realize someone was already there.  The smallest details.

“Knew you’d turn up here eventually.  Lady, your guests are missing you, you can read this tomorrow after they leave.”

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