Saturday, September 7, 2013

APA Kamino 1.3: Where to Find Motivation When you Can't Feel Your Feet

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Location: Paonia Shore

It’s said that scent is the sense most closely tied to memory.  Perhaps that was why Kamino would have sworn she could smell her homeland even before the shore could be seen in the pitch black.  She’d never missed Paonia in the two years she’d been gone.  It had been time enough to establish a new life – several in fact.

The strong wave of nostalgia caught her completely off guard.

            Maybe Paonians had some kind of deep genetic attachment to the land and that was why it was both illegal and nearly impossible to leave the Kingdom in the first place.  At some point the powers that be had decided to spare their citizens the pain of homesickness.

            Of course that was nonsense born of giddy exhaustion, but it was a happier thought than offered by reality.  All the barriers that separated Paonia from the rest of the world: The Wall, the Towers, the Ports; this was how the Kingdom kept a tight hold on the land she had left.

At one time history said that all the known land was ruled by either the Chikil Republic or the Kingdom of Boofon.  Then the Titans clashed.  Generations spent warring became generations lost in a bitter stalemate.  Meanwhile outside forces nibbled away at the unprotected edges.

It was practicality that replaced the feud with a begrudging alliance, but the damage had been done.  Both sides had lost nearly half their territories, along with the conquering spirit that could have enabled them to reclaim it.  All the newly formed Kingdom of Paonia wanted was peace, so it blocked out the rest of the world.

Safely locked away, Paonia had attained mythical status outside the wall.  What deterred most had now become a challenge to some.  War had returned to Paonia after nearly a millennia of peace, and if the rumors were true, that same foe had them in their sights again.

And that was why Kamino was returning.  She had alliances to honor, debts to pay.  With that heavy thought she flopped onto the beach, her limbs feeling like jiggly jelly.

Mmmm…Jelly.  Oooh, a jelly, bacon sandwich.  She  was STARVING!  And now that she was back in Paonia…she could have a Brillglen.  A real, authentic Brillglen!  How long had it been since she’d had a Brillglen? –With pink crumble cheese made from Creo Goat milk oozing over lightly simmered and spiced Plain apple slices, surrounded by crispy, bubbling pork skin and red lettuce.  Kamino groaned aloud at the thought.

Perhaps it was good to be home.

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